Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.
— Unknown

Jeff began his lifelong pursuit of music in 1998 when he picked up his first guitar, and since then has been active member of the Edmonton music scene.

Graduating from MacEwan University with Music in 2008, Jeff has had the pleasure of working with many great artists from across Canada. One of his current projects is the alternative rock group Fools Tongue, whom he has been working with since 2006. They have just released another full length album entitled “Sky” (available on iTunes).


In addition to his work as a musician, Jeff is also an experienced guitar instructor teaching privately in South Edmonton. As an enthusiastic and organized educator, Jeff places a strong emphasis on fostering character development and creating a fun learning experience. He organizes personalized lesson plans for each of his students, tailored to their individual needs and style of learning. Jeff teaches this way because he is passionate about seeing his students progress in their abilities and to see their love for music grow.